I don’t have any portraits of myself during my first pregnancy. Although I didn’t miss them at the time, I have since come to understand both how precious and fleeting that time was and also just how much children love to look at photos of themselves & their families. To see their story told in pictures.

My eldest daughter just loves to look at the terrible snapshots we have of me the day before she was born and tell me that she was “in there!”. And every time we look at them I cringe – not only are they bad photos but they are spectacularly unflattering. She also loves to look at the beautiful portraits we have of she and I two days before her sister was born. I love to look at those pictures as much as she does, I just wish her own belly photos were as beautiful as her sister’s. Capturing your pregnancy is as much for the child you are carrying as it is for yourself. Your belly is part of their story too, and you may have to look at these photos a lot in years to come – so contact me now to book your session!